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House Burned Down

March 27, 2007

Dear John,

Alice and I would like to say how much you and your QFB team have meant to us over the past year. You’ve made the difficult task of rebuilding our “home” much more bearable.


The day our house burned down, Valentine’s Day 2006, I met John Frawley, who eventually would be the QFB Project Manager for house rebuild. John was there and ready to help close up what was left of our house. It was late in the evening when he found materials and a crew to board up the house, working in the dark. He was there ready and willing to do what we thought necessary to secure the property when both Alice and I were in a daze, busy salvaging items from the house and packing them for transport as best we could.


During the next few weeks, the work of recovering what we could from the house and getting ready to select a contractor to work with us and our insurer was hard, especially since Alice and I were also very busy taking a detailed inventory of our losses. Both John and your personal attention to the estimating process, working closely with the insurer, and answering any and all my questions, made the contractor selection easy. Both Alice and I are very glad we decided to go with QFB for the rebuild.


From the beginning, it was obvious that QFB was taking every step necessary to make sure Alice and I were satisfied with the progress on the house. John Frawley was available whenever we had a question or needed information to help us make decisions regarding materials or other rebuild options. QFB was also very flexible in allowing us to make final selections for sub-contractors. We actually worked briefly with two flooring contractors until we found one that was right for the job.


Progress on the rebuild seemed slow at first. We had some weather delays and the Winter Springs building inspectors were very particular about the code upgrades to the house structure. Both John Frawley and the insurer commented that they want to be in our home if there is ever another bad hurricane in town… in their words, our new structure “isn’t going anywhere!” I also took the opportunity to take a lot of digital photos during the rebuild, especially in the framing stage, to record the structural upgrades. I’m sure these will come in handy when it’s time to retire and move permanently to our place in Vero Beach.


During the rebuild we took the opportunity to “modify” the previous structure somewhat, enlarging the master bath shower and adding a glass block shower wall, and adding an opening in the family room/entry foyer wall to “open up” the floor plan a bit. Again, working with John Frawley for these changes and getting just what we wanted was no problem at all.


We moved back to our “new home: the day before new years 2006. The rebuild process was a long one, longer than we originally expected, but the wait was worth it. Both you and our insurer mentioned before we started the rebuild that our home will be back “better than new”. I was kind of hesitant back then to agree, but you made us believers.


Thank you, John, and your QFB team for all you’ve done for us! Our home is back better than new with top quality construction and materials and you’ve restored our “peace of mind”.


Kindest Regards,

Alice and Dave Entenmann

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